Technical Leaders are facilitators, innovators, mentors, and experts in their domain. Effective technical leadership is critical for value delivery because they provide strong technical guidance to teams and business to help them make the right decisions with confidence.


Technical leadership is comprised of Developer Managers, Technical Leads, Architects, and other senior technical folks. Technical Leadership's main responsibilities are to:

  • Help remove escalated impediments that are hindering team’s progress.
  • Support Product Management in the Progressive Elaboration process.
  • Support Product Owners in the Backlog Grooming process.
  • Gives high-level input (at the Epic and Feature level) for estimation, dependencies, and risks.
  • Participate in the Roadmap planning and updates.
  • Participate in the Big Room & Release Planning events.
  • Participate in the Showcase & Demos events.
  • Participate in the Scrum of Scrums event as needed.
  • Mentor and technically guide the Lean | Agile teams.
  • Assist with decomposition of Epics, Features, and Technical Stories.
  • Provide technical high-level specs and guidance to support the implementation of Epics and Features.
  • Find ways to reduce waste – Continually improve workflow and maximize efficiency by eliminating potential impediments.
  • Provide input to Product Managers and Product Owners regarding risks and technical dependencies.

Technical Leadership may have additional responsibilities as defined by their Program Portfolio. Each technical group (e.g. System Architects) will conduct their own team meetings and coordinate with other leadership groups as necessary to discuss upcoming Epics and Features in preparation for the next Big Room Planning and releases. Avoid micromanagement. However, for Technical Leadership to be successful in supporting the Program Portfolio, each Lean | Agile Team should have at least one dedicated senior technical person like a Lead or Developer. Architect(s) needs to be actively engaged throughout the preparation for Big Room & Release Planning and during the releases.