A Servant Leader (also known as a Scrum Master in Scrum) has primary responsibility for facilitating the learning and growth of one or more Lean | Agile teams in developing a lean-Agile mindset, improving practices and guiding teams to more predictable delivery. The Servant Leader plays a crucial role in facilitating Agile ceremonies and planning of releases, removing impediments, providing guidance, and supporting Lean | Agile teams. He or she also mentors other Team members on Lean | Agile values, principles, and practices.


Their Key Responsibilities are:

  • Works with Backlog Owners and Implementation Team members to learn and practice healthy backlog grooming and prioritization practices.
  • Supports the execution and improvement of backlog grooming.
  • Prepares for and facilitates Big Room & Release planning with Lean | Agile Teams.
  • Assists in dependency management and cross team coordination.
  • Facilitates Team-level Agile Ceremonies.
  • Facilitates continuous improvement and the development of a learning culture with Lean | Agile teams.
  • Facilitates ceremonies, collaboration, communication, and conflict management.
  • Teaches and train new team members on Lean |Agile mindset and frameworks, practices, and process.
  • Influences the organization in the removal of organizational impediments and development of healthy Agile practices.
  • Mentors the Lean | Agile Team on agile values, principles, and practices.
  • Removes impediments to the team’s ability to perform.
  • Acts as a buffer between external distractions to minimize disruptions.
  • Assists in the coordination of operational issue resolution.
  • Facilitates team development, mediates conflicts protecting the team and encourages healthy team dynamics.
  • Fosters team responsibility, self-accountability, transparency and self-organization.
  • Leverages coaching skills to help the team to solve its own problems.
  • Introduces and encourages team to explore healthy Agile development practices, focus on quality and technical excellence, predictable delivery, automation, and continuous delivery.
  • Teaches and encourages a balanced backlog that delivers valuable features for customers, reduces technical debt, provides business value, and enables product sustainability.
  • Helps the team to develop, capture, and analyze metrics to facilitate team improvements.
  • Promotes transparency through healthy communications and data integrity.


Apart from professional experience, anideal candidate for this role should be professionally trained as well. Common Lean | Agile certifications associated with this role, but not limited to, are:

  • Certified Scrum Master(Scrum Alliance).
  • Certified Advanced Scrum Master(Scrum Alliance).
  • Certified Scrum Professional (Scrum Alliance).
  • SAFe Scrum Master (Scaled Agile Institute).
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (Scaled Agile Institute).
  • Kanban Foundations (Lean Kanban University).
  • IC Agile Professional (IC Agile).


The ideal person will have a college degree or equivalent experience, with at least at least 4 years' experience as a Scrum Master type role, and hands-on experience with different Lean | Agile frameworks.