After every Big Room Planning event and Iteration, The Backlog Owners should review the Feature Level Agile Roadmap with Business Stakeholders, Program Portfolio Leadership, and Agile Program Manager. Changes to Roadmap can occur for many reasons – Lean | Agile Teams underestimating their work, critical blockers that were not resolved, a sudden shift in priorities, etc.

The Feature roadmap review can happen at the weekly Program Sync Up meeting. When updates are done to the Feature Roadmap, it is important to communicate the updates to the Business Stakeholders, and to the Program Portfolio stakeholders. It is also equally important the updated Feature Roadmap aligns to the Epic Roadmap. And if not, it can be discussed and updated in the Portfolio Sync Up meeting.

When the Agile Program Manager reviews the updated Feature Roadmap, it is also a good practice to show the updated Iteration commitments and projections across all the teams. Refer below for an example.

Feature Roadmap



Iteration Commitments & Projections by Team