<Product/System Title>Release Notes

1. Introduction

The document communicates the major new features and changes in this release of the <Project/Sub-project Title>. It also documents known problems and workarounds.

2. About This Release

 [A description of the release is presented here, including release-defining characteristics or features. The description is brief, however, and simply clarifies the release definition.]

3. Compatible Products

This product has been tested on the following platforms or with the following products:

  • [List products or platforms here.]

[Also list any product operating environment requirements here.]

4. Upgrades

Describe the process for upgrading from previous product releases.]

5. New Features

The following new features appear in this release:

  • [list of new features – this can also be an exported list from JIRA]

6. Known Bugs and Limitations

6.1 General Note

[Describe any general limitations that affect overall functionality.]

6.2 <Defect of Bug>

[Describe the defect or bug symptom and any workarounds if they exist.]

Revision History



Summary of Changes


Revision Marks



Initial revision.













<Revision History can also be handled by a Validated DMS system>