The Agile Program Manager facilitates this meeting with the Product Manager and Program Portfolio Leadership. They can invite others as necessary to attend. This meeting is once a week and should be timeboxed to 1 hour on the same cadence. The purpose of the meeting is the following:

  1. Review open items from last meetings.
  2. Review Feature Roadmap to ensure the Program is on track on delivering based on their commitments or if the Roadmap needs to be updated.
  3. Review the Lean | Agile Team metrics and raise concerns if certain teams need help.
  4. Escalate impediments that could not be resolved from Scrum of Scrums.
  5. Review Release Schedule for current and upcoming releases.
  6. Review QA Metrics.
  7. Discuss and resolve Team and Business Stakeholder conflicts and concerns.

The Agile Program Manager should capture next steps from what is discussed and make the notes available to all attendees.