A Program Portfolio sync up meeting should occur once a week for one hour on the same cadence every week. This meeting should be facilitated by leadership and attended by Agile Program Managers and Product Managers across the different Program Portfolios. Others can be invited if necessary. This meeting helps organizations look at where all the Epics are as compared to the Epic Roadmap, how far we are from releases, what organization impediments we are facing, organization metrics, and so on. The Program Portfolio sync up is an important meeting if you have Epics that cut across multiple Program Portfolios.

In the Agile world, this meeting is also known as a Meta-Scrum. It is a Meta-Scrum because it is a roll upĀ  from Scrum of Scrums.

Example of a Meta-Scrum relationship with Scrum of Scrums and Lean | Agile Teams