Definition of Done

The Definition of Done (DoD) is a list of criteria used to determine when a Story, Feature, Release or other product increment is considered done. Below is our of the Definition of Done at Story, Feature and Release level:


  • Acceptance criteria met.
  • Story acceptance tests written and passes.
  • Non-functional requirements met.
  • Unit tests (based on meaningful methods).
  • Cumulative unit tests passed.
  • Code checked in and merged, with successful build and deployment.
  • Coding standards followed.
  • Code peer reviewed.
  • No must-fix defects.
  • Story accepted by the Backlog Owner.


  • All stories for the feature done.
  • Code deployed to QA/staging and integration tested.
  • Functional regression testing complete.
  • No must-fix defects.
  • Non-functional requirements met.
  • Feature included in successful build deployment.
  • Feature documentation complete.
  • Feature accepted by Backlog Owner/Business Process Owner.

Releasable Feature Set

  • All features for the releasable set are done.
  • End-to-end integration and system testing done.
  • Full regression testing done.
  • Exploratory testing done.
  • No must-fix defects.
  • End-to-end system and performance testing done.
  • User, release, installation, and other documentation complete.
  • Localization/internalization updated.
  • Feature set accepted by Business Process Owner.